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Chapter Leader: Dr Elena Gimenez Forcada, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, IGME. Azafranal 48, 37001 Salamanca, Spain.

The IMGA Local Chapter in Spain was established in 2015.

June 2017

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December 2016

The IMGA Local Chapter in Spain was established in 2015 and currently has over 14 members, involving professionals from geosciences, environmental and humanities sciences, with representation from all over Spain.

All of them participate in several research projects in the field of Medical Geology, with diverse scientific interests including: groundwater hydrogeotoxicity related to high concentrations of Potentially Toxic Geogenic Trace Elements (PTGTE); mineralogy and petrology, mineral deposits, radon and natural radioactivity, isotope hydrology, chemometrics, health risk assessment, geostatistical tools applied to the distribution of trace elements in waters and soils, assessment of exposure to trace elements in children living in urban settings, and social and ethic aspects of Medical Geology.

GeoMedIA Network

The Portuguese and Spanish chapters (IMGA chapters in Iberia), in collaboration with the local chapters from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, have led the proposal to create a Medical Geology network over Ibero-America (GeoMedIA Network). This initiative aims to promote the development of the discipline through its academic, scientific and social implementation in Ibero-America, which would ultimately benefit the populations involved by integrating this knowledge into their territorial policies and improving their quality of life.

The Spanish and Portuguese Chapters, IMGA-España and PCM, led the proposal, which was presented to the CYTED network program. Although no anticipated funding was obtained, the approach and establishment of collaboration between the different chapters of IMGA in Ibero-America is a reality. The GeoMedIA Network currently has more than 70 members from more than 30 public and private institutions/organizations.

1st International Symposium on Medical Geology in Spain: "Medical Geology: an emerging discipline". September 19, 2016, Salamanca, Spain.

The first International Symposium on Medical Geology in Spain was held in Salamanca (Spain), organized by the Local IMGA Chapter of Spain, IMGA-España. This seminar was attended by more than 70 participants from a diverse scientific fields, as well as local authorities and the local media.

The first invited speaker was Dr Laura Börgel from Chile, who talked about the importance in risk assessment of studying the toxicological risk related to heavy metals, particularly arsenic, on environmental health decisions. This was followed by a presentation by Dr Rosa Meijide from the University of A Coruña, focusing on the health benefits of mineral waters and peloids in human health, entitled “The medical use of mineral waters and spa products”. In the section dedicated to Medical Geology in Iberia, a short description of the history of the IMGA and its activities over the ten years that this association has existed was presented by IMGA secretary, Dr Carla Patinha. Dr Eduardo Ferreira da Silva (Chair of the Portuguese IMGA Chapter on Medical Geology) presented a retrospective overview of research studies by the members of this IMGA Chapter. Dr Elena Giménez-Forcada, the Chair of the recently established Spanish Chapter on Medical Geology, discussed the development and goals of the Chapter along with its particular aims of establishing medical geology as an emerging discipline in Spain. The second part of this seminar was dedicated to the presentation of several studies that have been conducted by members of Spanish chapter: Dr Eduardo de Miguel (Polytechnic University of Madrid) presented the evaluation of trace element exposure in the pediatric population of urban environments, specifically Madrid; Dr Juan Antonio Luque (IGME, the Spanish Geological Survey) talked about geostatistical applications for geo-environmental studies. The main results of the HidroGeoTox project (funded by IGME) were also presented. The aim of this project is to understand the factors controlling the distribution of arsenic and other toxic elements in the southern part of the Douro basin. These results were discussed by Dr Elena Giménez-Forcada (IGME), Dr María del Carmen Rey (IGME), Dr Susana Timón (IGME), Dr Manuel García (UNED, the Spanish National University of Distance Education) and Dr Agustina Fernández (University of Salamanca).

Media information from the 1st Workshop on Medical Geology organized by the Spanish Chapter of IMGA held in Salamanca on 19 September, 2016 is available:

October 2015

The IMGA Local Chapter in Spain was established in 2015.