National Books

Medicinsk Geologi

Swedish textbook in medical geology. Studentlitteratur 2010

Editor Olle Selinus




Medical geology: current status and perspectives.

Russian Geological Society ROSGEO, 2010.Editor Iosif Volfson





Workshop on Medical Geology

2004. Geological Survey of India


Metal contaminants in New Zealand:
Sources, Treatments and Effects on Ecology and Human Health

2005. Editors:  T.A. Moore, A. Black, J.A. Centeno, J.S. Harding, D.A. Trumm
Springer Science+Business Media



Geologia Médica no Brasil

Medical geology in Brazil - effect of geologica materials and factors on human health and enironment

2007. Editors: C.R. da Silva, B.R. Figueiredo, E.M. De Capitan, F.G. da Cunha 
Springer Science+Business Media