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Local chapters
If you join a local chapter of IMGA, a certain amount of the dues can be used by the chapter for local activities in medical geology.
In the future
There are plans for additional benefits, such as scholarships and funding for students attending medical geology meetings.  We are also discussing alternatives for a medical geology journal.


IMGA Membership Dues

Individual Memberships 1 year
5 years
Professional membership
40 € 160 €
Full-time student 20 € 80 €
Exceptions for members in Africa 1 year
5 years
Professional membership 20 € 80 €
Full-time student 10 € 40 €
Corporate and Organization Memberships 1 year
5 years
National society 100 € 400 €
Nonprofit organization 200 € 800 €
International society 200 € 800 €
Commercial for-profit organization 500 € 2000 €
Government, foreign department, embassy, etc. 1000 € 4000 €
Annual dues

All dues are paid directly to IMGA and are in EURO

Members paying for four (4) years in advance receive the fifth year of membership free
Please note
If you are a student, professor, or scientist from a developing country and are pursuing studies (or conducting research) in a developed country, you should pay dues from your place of origin. If you are originally from a developing country but are a permanent resident working in a developed country you should pay dues applicable to that developed country.
By default, payments are processed through Paypal
If you have problems using Paypal or you do not want to use it, you can also make a bank transfer. Please, see the information below.