Greetings from Elected Chair EC

Elena Lacalle2018, News

Dear IMGA Members,
Thank you very much for your active participation during the recent elections. We have been able to comply with the procedures stipulated in the bylaws and the current statute.
A new cycle begins, and we will all have the opportunity to dedicate our time and knowledge to the development of our association. A plural management team has been consolidated, representing the different perspectives, formations and chapters that make up IMGA.
Personally, I want to thank Nelly Mañay, María Aurora Armienta and Carla Patinha for so many years of intense teamwork that allowed to formalize the structure of the association. I am honored to continue working with them as part of the leadership team and the benefit to the new direction from their experience.
Finally, we invite all members to participate in the life of IMGA by joining the committees. All the proposals will be very well received.

Best regards.
Diego H. Fridman MD, MSc.
Elected Chair – Executive Committee

IMGA Elections results

Elena Lacalle2018, News

Dear IMGA Members,

As you know, IMGA election process was recently conducted under the new By-Laws and Statutes of our Association as it was established in Portugal. The voting came to a successful conclusion on July 2, 2018, resulting in an overwhelming participation of our eligible members in the election process.

I am delighted to report to you the results of our election process. The results show that 68% of eligible members (members with their membership fees paid until June 2018) voted, according to the following statistics:

List A

General Assembly board – 86%
Executive Committee board – 88%
Audit Committee board – 79%

General Assembly Board Executive Committee Audit Committee
Chair: María Aurora Chair: Diego Fridman Chair: Nelly Mañay onloadeddata
Co-Chair: José Centeno Co-Chair for Geological Sciences: Elena Gimenez Member 1: Alejandro Villalobos
Secretary: Ester Sztein Co-Chair for Medical Sciences: Chaosheng Zhang Member2: Theophilus Davies
Secretary: Carla Patinha
Treasurer: Nuno Durães
Councillor (1): Eduardo Ferreira Da Silva
Councillor (2): Iosif Volfson
Councillor (3): Xinbin Feng
Councillor (4): Akinade Shadrach Olatunji
Councillor (5): Rita Salgueiro
Councillor (6): Ines Tomašek

The new Governance bodies will takeover their functions from 1st August 2018 until the MedGeo Conference in 2021. The IMGA bylaws refer that “The period of service of Executive Committee shall be from the end of the MEDGEO at which it was elected to the end of the subsequent MEDGEO”. Due to the recent move of IMGA headquarters to Portugal, and the re-establishment of our By-Laws and Statutes as required by the Portuguese authorities, the actual election did not occur prior to the upcoming MedGeo’19 conference in China, thus and in order to respect the recommendation of the bylaws, the next election will take part in the MEDGEO conference of 2021.

Please join me in congratulating and welcome our newly elected officers. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity, to express our appreciation on behalf of IMGA and its worldwide membership, to Dr. Nelly Manay, Dr. Diego Fridman, Dr. Maria Aurora Armienta, Dr. Carla Patinha, and all the members of the outgoing Executive Committee for their remarkable job and key contributions to IMGA during the last 5 years. Their dedication and commitment to the continued development of IMGA has positively reshaped the future and impact of our Association as an international organization.

Jose Centeno
General Assembly Chair