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Identification of a safe and sustainable source of drinking water is still a global challenge, forcing a large population to continue depending on unsafe sources. The causes of such challenges include the spatial uncertainty in the occurrence of the possible contaminants and the tools used to characterize them during the data collection and analysis stage. The spatial uncertainty is a result of the variability of such contaminants which affects decision-making at various scales. In this webinar, Drs Julian Ijumulana (Tanzania) and Prosun Bhattacharya (Sweden) will present the holistic approach that integrates Quantum Geographic Information Systems (QGIS) and other GIS software and tools to handle the spatial uncertainty in the measured fluoride concentrations in drinking water. The case study considered in this webinar includes the three administrative regions in northern Tanzania within the East African Rift Valley (EARV).  You are all invited to listen to this webinar using the links provided.  The webinar is free of costs.


An Integrative Approach to Medical Geology and Environmental Health: Practical Applications and Challenges


We are pleased to announce the Special Issue from the International Journal on Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) entitled "An Integrative Approach to Medical Geology and Environmental Health: Practical Applications and Challenges" (This Special Issue is aimed at bringing together leading scientists, researchers and environmentalists to share and discuss their latest research results and experiences on all aspects of Medical Geology, Environmental Sciences and Public Health, with particular interest in emerging innovations, research trends, and practical challenges that we are facing such as the environmental and health impacts of climate change. Please consider publishing your research in this high quality, peer-reviewed, open access journal. For more information on this publication

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Sad news


Dear IMGA Family:


Our IMGA worldwide community is deeply saddened by the unexpected and recent passing of one of our dearest members, Mrs. Carmen Isela Terrazas Salcido, known to many of us as “Carmelita Rubio, wife of our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Hector Rubio Arias from our Medical Geology Chapter in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Carmelita was a great supporter of IMGA’s mission in Mexico and strong contributor of the development of the Mexico Chapter on Medical Geology.  She was a loving and dedicated mother of a daughter and a son, a kind and caring friend, and a remarkable human being.  We will all miss her deeply.


Our IMGA community from all over the world is with Hector and his family during this difficult time. Hector, know that our community is here to support you and your family during this time of mourning and sadness.




Estimada Familia de IMGA:


Con profundo dolor comunicamos a todos nuestros miembros de IMGA, el fallecimiento de nuestra amiga y colega, Mrs Carmelita Rubio, amada esposa de nuestro querido amigo y compañero de ruta Dr. Héctor Rubio Arias. Acompañamos a Héctor y a su familia en este triste momento y le brindamos nuestra presencia, desde cada uno de los rincones del mundo, para transitar juntos la adversidad. ¡Querido Héctor, aquí estamos!