Sleeping volcanes, awaking health issues: the hazardous effects of hydrothermal emissions on the respiratory system


  SLEEPING VOLCANES, AWAKING HEALTH ISSUES: THE HAZARDOUS EFFECTS OF HYDROTHERMAL EMISSIONS ON THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM As we continue developing the International Invited Speaker Seminar Series sponsored by the IEHSC Consortium and IMGA, We are pleased to welcome Dr. Patricia Ventura Garcia as our second speaker in this series. Patricia is a professor of ecotoxicology, environmental health, histology and entomology at the University of Azores, Department of Biology. She has served as Head of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology … Read More

IMG Talk: Toxins and Treasures – A Medical Geology Story


We invite you, your family and friends to this fourth talk in the 151 Golden Years Celebrations series. Well-known FedUni geoscientist Kim Dowling explores the links between human activity, environmental health and community well-being.    Toxins and Treasures – A Medical Geology Story Associate Professor Kim Dowling, Federation University Tuesday 12 October 2021, 7.00pm Delivery: Register to receive the Zoom link  Abstract: Soil, rocks, air, and water provide the building blocks for all that we need, but when a landscape is contaminated, our … Read More



4th Annual IMGA-Nigeria Conference. Its scheduled for 25-27 August, 2021. The Conference is billed to be a Hybrid event (a combination of Virtual and Physical Presentations).

Revisiting Tera In 2020

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Content Indie Games Are Filling The Dark Souls Vacuum Left By Elden Ring Aion Q1 2020: Lineage 2 M Sales Set The Pace For Ncsoft’S Best Quarter Ever Black Desert When Can I Play It? How many GB is Blade and Soul? Grimoir. the game is around 30-40 GB if you play while its downloading that means that it reserves space for the download and for the game so double. Indie Games Are Filling The Dark Souls Vacuum Left By … Read More