Medical Geology: Linking Environment and Human Health


Edited by Xinbin Feng, Diego Fridman, Jose Centeno, Aihua Zhang Last update 17 May 2021   Medical Geology is defined as the science dealing with the relationship between geological factors and health problems in humans, animals and plants. The International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) aims to provide a network and a forum to characterise the properties of geological processes and agents, the dispersal of geological material and their effects on human populations. The International Conference on Medical Geology are held by IMGA once every two years, and the … Read More

Estimation of Carbon Footprint Equivalent of Soil Nitrogen Loss Due to the Sugar Beet Harvest in Turkey

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“Estimation of Carbon Footprint Equivalent of Soil Nitrogen Loss Due to the Sugar Beet Harvest in Turkey: A Review” at Successful Transformation toward Land Degradation Neutrality: Future Perspective” 17-19 June 2019, Ankara, ATO Congresium. Marking the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Higlihts of the study: 1-Average soil lost due to the sugar beet harvest is about 3.41 Mg ha-1 y-1, 2-Total amount of soil nitrogen loss≈2151 Mg y-1,  3-Production of nitrogenous fertilizer requires high energy consumption, emitting … Read More

3 special issues in journal

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On behalf of the organizer of 8th International Conference on Medical Geology (MEDGEO 2019), we are pleased to inform you that we have fixed 3 special issues in journal of “Science of the Total Environment”, “Environmental Geochemistry and Health”, & “Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety”. Please check the detail information for the 3 special issues in attached files. The submission for special issue in “Science of the Total Environment” & “Environmental Geochemistry and Health” will be opened on 2019.11.1, and the submission for special … Read More