IEHSC International Webinar Series

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Identification of a safe and sustainable source of drinking water is still a global challenge, forcing a large population to continue depending on unsafe sources. The causes of such challenges include the spatial uncertainty in the occurrence of the possible contaminants and the tools used to characterize them during the data collection and analysis stage. The spatial uncertainty is a result of the variability of such contaminants which affects decision-making at various scales. In this webinar, Drs Julian Ijumulana (Tanzania) … Read More

Student Conference


2nd International Students Conference on Medical Geology and Environmental Health-Africa Edition (ISCMGEH-Africa)   DOWNLOAD PDF: ISCMGEH-AFRICA ABSTRACT BOOK AND CONFERENCE PROGRAMME (3)

IEHSC International Speaker Seminar – Dra Beatriz A. Rocha-Guitierrez


The International Environmental and Health Sciences Consortium (IEHSC) in collaboration with the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA), is having our next International Seminar Speaker Series on October 26, 2022. IEHSC seminars are free and open to students, researchers, professors and public at large. Our International Speaker for this seminar is Dr. Beatriz Rocha from the Chemistry Department at the University of Chihuahua, MX.   Beatriz is an Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Her research work has been focused on drinking water … Read More