Chair on Medical Geology Research Center at NSCK University in Nigeria


IMGA is pleased to announced the recent establishment of the "Jose Centeno Centre for Medical Geology Research" at Nasarawa State University, in Keffi (NSUK), Nigeria. This will be a pioneering Centre that focuses on medical geology development in Nigeria and Africa.  NSUK has created an endowment for this Centre, which underscores a commitment in tackling health challenges emanating from a wide range of natural geological factors, as well as environmental and/or occupational risk factors such as mining exposures. NSUK has pioneered research in this area under the mentorship of founding father of medical geology and past president of the International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) - Prof. Dr. Jose Centeno. Being the first in the world, the expectations is that the Centre will lead in the development of research programs on medical geology in Nigeria and throughout Africa,  developing capacity building in this multidisciplinary area of medical geology, collaborate with research grants sponsoring organizations, and establish international collaborators with national and international researchers in the emerging field of Medical Geology.