IMGA Chapters are groups within a region bringing together people in an area (city, country, etc.) or in an organization (university, government agency, etc.) interested in medical geology.  All members of the Chapter must be members of the Association.  A Chapter must consist of at least five (5) members.  To be recognized as a formal Chapter the members must send a request to the IMGA board. Upon approval a certificate of recognition will be issued.

Chapters are a way to locally facilitate the growth of medical geology.  The concept of developing Chapters is a fundamental basis by which larger societies strengthen their regional and eventually their national development.  Members of Chapters pay individual dues to IMGA.  All affiliated organisations, including Chapters, must send regular reports for the newsletter.  A certain amount of the membership dues paid can be requested by the Chapters for their activities. Actually the IMGA have 28 chapters:

We have members from following countries/regions:



IMGA in its present form was founded in January 2004, but began as an idea ten years before in 1996 when a working group on Medical Geology was established by IUGS.

Its primary aim was to increase awareness among scientists, medical specialists and the general public on the importance of geological factors for health and wellbeing. It was recognised that the limited extent of cooperation and communication among these groups restricted the ability of scientists and public health workers to solve a range of complex environmental health problems.