Medical Geology and Psychology special session: 

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Medical Geology and Psychology special session: 

Geology can affect the psychology of organisms positively and negatively. For example, Salt cave can play an important role in relaxation and healing from psychological problems. On the other side, Geological hazards, toxic metals, trace elements can be the cause of many neurological symptoms and syndromes.

According to that only very few researchers have addressed the relationship between geology and psychology, we planned for this session to fill this neglected area for the first time.


Topics and keywords: 

--- Minerals and mood.

--- Copper and schizophrenia

--- Lithium in water and suicide mortality.

--- Relaxation and healing in salt caves.

--- Alzheimer and heavy metals

--- Phobias related to the geological hazards (Geo-Phobias)

--- Post-traumatic stress disorder after earthquakes and tsunamis.

--- Toxic heavy metals associated with neurological symptoms and autism.

--- Tourette syndrome and magnesium deficiency.

--- Minerals for premenstrual syndrome treatment.

--- Restless legs syndrome and Iron Deficiency.

--- Trace mineral imbalances associated with Wilson & hemochromatosis diseases.

--- Psychology of geophagy and pica.


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